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A court psychologist diagnosed him with a rare mental condition called delusional disorder.'It was difficult.I turned down four or five other offers and then the writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski came to me and I trusted them to do it the way I wanted it done, and we started talking and I liked what they did.In a softly spoken voice, Margaret, now 87, tells Mail Online: 'I think Walter would have enjoyed every minute of it - all he cared about was being a celebrity, and of course,' she muses: 'he would have just claimed he was an artist until the very end, he would have loved the attention.' Locked up and forced to paint: Although this November 1961 photo shows Walter and Margaret Keane busy painting actress Natalie Wood in her Bel Air home, they would divorce four years later and Margaret would tell how she was locked up while Walter took credit for her work Divorced, with a daughter, they soon married - and soon Walter was passing off Margaret's paintings of the sad children as his own, along with the story that they were based on youngsters he had seen in postwar Berlin in 1946.Staying with Walter for the sake of her daughter - while the paintings were printed on to postcards and posters sold in millions across America - Margaret was kept a virtual prisoner in her own home while her husband frolicked in the pool outside - and brought other women into their bed.

He became a member of the Liverpool Academy of Arts in 1841.Cook was born to William Jeremiah Cook and Jan Macreal (Cook).He attended Phillips Academy before entering Harvard University.Walter told him, "Billy, I was so old then, and my shoulder really did hurt."Billy said his parents owned a shop in Inglewood that framed the Keane paintings and shipped them off all over the world.Biography Samuel Walters (British, 1811–1882) was a maritime artist and member of the Liverpool School of Marine Art.

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