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And I've been dating this guy for while he gave me keys to his place but now I want to know if we could get married or is that not featured yet so I've just been wasting time & energy on nothing? And they'll start to add up and you'll get past her.

The time it can take will add up to another full time job if you let it, but it is a lot of fun.

Remember, what you are attracted to online not only tells you about the people you’re attracting, but it tells you quite a bit about yourself.

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It’s also been hard not to dread the shortening days and dark mornings/evenings once you pass the longest day so my husband and I have started reminding each other of the nice things we enjoy about the changing seasons.

It’s summer in Scotland and this year I am very thankful for some wonderful warm weather and some very sunny days.

We’ve had a record number of BBQs at the cottage, even cooking out multiple times after work, and have sometimes worn shorts and t-shirts – a rare occurrence!

This post is all about adding Spring and Easter decor touches to brighten up your home and welcome in the new season.

I absolutely love spring so most of the updates I make are just bunches and bunches of beautiful tulips, freesias, irises, ranunculus and daffodils!

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Twice a month we will have city exchange fun dating weekends.

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