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As alone as I was in that valley, removing my shorts, though physically very comfortable, was psychologically rather troubling. Never mind the fact that there was virtually no chance of anyone being on this slope, or probably even in this valley, what if?

Following that initial experience, I starting choosing my hiking locations partly for their suitability for nude hiking.

The band comprised Graham Trevarton (trumpet, vocals), Ron Milford (trombone, vocals), Jeremy Huggett (clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax, vocals), Tony Mann (string bass), Howard Williams, (banjo, guitar) and Chris Stockings (drums).

This is one of favourite bands, with an up-tempo approach to most numbers.

While scrolling through my phone and reading the text exchange between my husband and me, I see a love story. I see a union that thrives on a healthy dose of sarcasm. Communication via text is wonderful, but sometimes we still need to pick up the phone for a personal exchange or just to hear our spouse's voice.

A friend of mine made a comment in the summer of 2003 that applies nicely to nude hiking.

He said that it's only skinny-dipping (or nude hiking) if you're with someone else. I first discovered the freedom of hiking without clothes 25-30 years ago while living in Chilliwack, in the southwestern corner of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Police investigating the accident said Wiltgen’s car was traveling at a high speed when it broke through a wall and ended up inside the neighboring W Hotel.

We have lost a treasured member of The Weather Channel family.

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