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Read on to learn more about the women whose lives were taken due to transphobic bias and violence.

Lamar "Papi" Edwards, 20, was shot to death outside a hotel in Louisville, Ky., January 9.

From the advent of the automotive assembly line to the Motown sound, modern techno and rock music, Detroit continues to shape both American and global culture.

Engaging in prostitution is a misdemeanor crime under Michigan law.

Although ultimately impossible to measure precisely, a new study suggests that about 1.6 million Americans are transgender.

Too often in the LGBT discussion, we focus on the LGB, and forget about the T.

Nie dyskryminujemy, a naszym celem jest udzielenie wsparcia dla społeczności TS/TG.

Jeśli poznasz kogoś kto Cię zainteresuje rozważ wykupienie dostępu do usług premium.There's a big spectrum on this -- not everyone falls into an entirely male or female category -- meaning the term includes a lot of gray area. "When in doubt," Monika says, "just say 'trans.' It's a baggage-free abbreviation, umbrella, and identity for a large percentage of the community -- and won’t be read as offensive or rude.Some people use the term "transgender" to include drag queens and all gender nonconforming folks; others don't. No one is gonna start a hashtag because you called me trans." FTM is an acronym for “female-to-male” that refers to trans men who were assigned female at birth.Tworzymy bezpieczną platformę dla kobiet TS, na której mogą poznać prawdziwych mężczyzn.NIE będziemy tolerować obraźliwego zachowania, chcemy stworzyć miejsce, w którym możesz poznać kogoś wyjątkowego.

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